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Star Weiz – Review Mantis

The annual indoor tournament in Weiz is famous for its themes. This year: Star Wars. We are always looking forward not only to playing but also to partying there at that time of the year. Not to be unprepared, we started early in sewing our mantis jedi cloaks and practicing our use of the force. […]


Prague Winter 2017 – Review Mantis

Prague Winter is an important fixture in Mantis’ tournament schedule. It’s a great way to start into the new year and also serves as a teambuilding weekend. This year’s Prague Winter also served as Mantis tournament debut of Juliette Sanseigne, Olga Kovalenko and Isasbel Hagenlocher – wonderful new players who will change up our flow. […]

Prague Winter 2017 – Review Play>

PLAY> started its ‘17 season at Prague Winter’s 5v5 indoor competition. A reduced roster, tight schedule and very competitive opponents made PLAY> rank in last place. However, lots of learning and good spirit combined with delicious Bohemian food and a great party made this weekend fantastic. The bubble at Strahov Stadium with its state-of-the-art artificial […]