Sponsors and Friends

Many aspects of our club life would not be possible without the help of sponsors and friends. We want to use this page as a display of our supporters and to express our deep gratitude for them. You are the ones helping us pursue our passion!
zapier logo


Zapier is a web service that enables you to link the online apps you already use. It automates actions that you would otherwise have to do repeatedly by hand for each app. Zapier helps us to keep our team administration potent, yet simple.

"all i need" logo

all i need

all i need is a vitalising lifestyle drink with natural ingredients that are healthy, organic and Fairtrade-certified. The company aims to support small local farmers and engages in social responsibility projects. This eco- and socio-conscious attitude is part of the brand's philosophy, in which we find parallels to the spirit of the game in many respects and we highly appreciate it.

fly in danger

The Austrian Frisbee brand fly in danger sells discs and other frisbee gear and endorses all disc sports. Founded by Andreas Barth and the former FWD>> player Leander Khil, fly in danger is our No.1 company when it comes to branded discs and more.

H.-P. Zerlauth

H.-P. Zerlauth aka Zerpixelt is responsible for many of Austria's Ultimate highlight photos. Being an experienced photographer and father of two Ultimate players, H.-P. Zerlauth has accompanied the Ultimate scene for several years now and we hope there will be more years to come! We feel really lucky to get high quality photos of our games throughout the season. His photos also help us to share our passion for Ultimate with other people. You can view his Ultimate and other photography on his website www.zerpixelt.com