FWD>> (pronounced "forward") is Ultimate Vienna's elite men's team. Already in its first season in 2013, the team won the Austrian National Championships. Today, FWD>> is 3 times Austrian National Champion and has won the European Ultimate Championship Regionals 3 times in a row (2015-2017). The greatest international success was a 6th place at the European Ultimate Championship Finals in 2017.

FWD>> has qualified for and played at both World Ultimate Club Championships (WUCC) since the inception the team.

  • 2014: Lecco, Italy (30th place)
  • 2018: Cincinnati, OH, USA (21st place)
FWD>> 2017 | Highlight Reel

Have FUN, work HARD, get FOCUSED move FORWARD!-------National Champion, 6th in Europe. We're proud to present the highlights from the FWD>> season 2017.

Gepostet von Ultimate Vienna am Sonntag, 19. November 2017


PhotoNo. Name PositionHeightPlaying sinceRole
No player photo found.0Aluede, SandroCutter185 cm2015
No player photo found.1Palle, PhilippCutter180 cm2015
No player photo found.4Neubauer, MatthiasCutter184 cm2005
No player photo found.5Stoschitzky, MarianCutter185 cm2010
No player photo found.7Dovits, LeonHandler183 cm2009
No player photo found.11Nowak, JanHandler/Cutter188 cm2010
No player photo found.12Reutterer, DominikHandler178 cm2010Captain
No player photo found.13kielstein, jasperHandler178 cm2010
No player photo found.21Ries, SebastianCutter182 cm2011Coach
No player photo found.22Zellinger, MichaelCutter190 cm2000
No player photo found.26Doppelbauer, TobiasHandler177 cm2010
No player photo found.27Zellinger, MoritzCutter193 cm2003
No player photo found.30Zerlauth, LorenzCutter188 cm2008
No player photo found.32Nemec, FelixHandler178 cm2007Coach
No player photo found.37Menz, JulianCutter186 cm2010Spirit-Captain
No player photo found.41Stößl, HannoCutter180 cm2012
No player photo found.42Csizmazia, StefanHandler184 cm2011
No player photo found.46Lőrincz, TamásHandler185 cm2011
No player photo found.48Ernst, AdrianHandler183 cm2011
No player photo found.69Kain, BenjaminCutter192 cm2011
No player photo found.71Doppelbauer, DavidCutter183 cm2009
No player photo found.72Dragaschnig, PaulHandler185 cm2011
No player photo found.77Rapottnig, NikoCutter192 cm2014
No player photo found.81Michen, NoahHandler182 cm2015
No player photo found.87Stumvoll, DanielHandler179 cm2009
No player photo found.93Taubald, JakobHandler181 cm2003Coach
No player photo found.97Kain, FlorianHandler182 cm2010Coach
No player photo found.98Hauch, MoritzHandler184 cm2015
No player photo found.99Zerulla, FlorianHandler186 cm2011