Play> is Ultimate Vienna's second Men's team. It aims to give developing players the opportunity to play high level Ultimate and get coached by experienced coaches. Play> participated at Nationals in 2014, 2015 and 2016 as well as in local tournaments.

If you want to join a practice or have a question, please write a mail to:

PhotoNo.NamePositionHeightBirthdayPlaying sincePrevious/Other teams
Sandro Aluede0Aluede, SandroForward185 cm19942015Zombees
Peter Greb9Greb, PeterCutter193 cm19872015Winona Raiders, Chuck Bronson
Felix Hembach12Hembach, FelixHandler182 cm19902011ZomBees
Lukas Erger19Erger, LukasForward173 cm19922012Nitro Circles
Ignacio Falcón Casas20Falcón Casas, IgnacioCutter181 cm19812012Dreh und Trink
Moritz Feigl43Feigl, MoritzForward190 cm19902014ZomBees, Chuck Bronson
Christoph Lugmeyer50Lugmeyer, ChristophHandler, Forward183 cm19832016Dreh und Trink
Wolfgang Novak62Novak, WolfgangHandler178 cm19792004Spin, Dreh und Trink
Markus Zobel99Zobel, MarkusCutter178 cm19872011ZomBees