Gametime at Helfort

Gametime at Helfort

For the first time ever both elite open teams out of Vienna played an exibition game for spectators to see. The sky cleared at the right time to build the perfect stage for a classic matchup between record austrian champion and current austrian champion.
Both teams qualified three weeks ago for this years EUC Final in Frankfurt so the crowd expected a high class contest. Preparations for both teams though were very different FWD>> is preparing for worlds in Lecco and used TheBigEZ as their last sparringspartner and on the other hand EZ took the game to kick of their training after a three weeks summer brake.
Both teams came out with big squads but some of their keyplayers sidelined due to injuries.


The crowd in the stands saw a dominant start from the FWD D-line. Felix Nemec caught the first pass by BigEZ for a callahan goal and they kept the pressure up and converted their chances to make it 3:0.

For the 4th point the O-line got a chance to get out. After watching the dynamite start from the sideline the offence was a little shaky and BigEZ creeped back to 4:3. The EZ-fans started to get louder and wanted to help their team back into the game but FWD’s defence kept the pressure high and the O started to click.

At halftime the score was 8:4.


In the second half it was more of the same. EZ had trouble finding open players upfield, their handler reset started to work better but there was hardly an offence point by them without turning the disc over. FWD got a chance to train their zone-offence which they did exploiting the fact that there was no wind at all.


The game ended 15:7 and the BigEZ wished their rival all the best for the world championship in Lecco.

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