Tom’s Tourney 2015 Review PLAY>

In their second time participating at Tom’s Tourney in Brugge (Belgium) Ultimate Vienna’s second open team PLAY> achieved a great success! After finishing third last year, PLAY> was undefeated this year and consequently ranked first in TT’s division 2. Here’s how it went:


DAY 1:

A long game day started Friday morning with the initial game against Helgtre from Belgium. Considering that it was the first game for both teams in the tournament, the game started very fast. PLAY> was able to gain a point advantage in the beginning, while Helgtre was able to catch up during the game. However, PLAY> played really strong after having a time out at the right point of the game and won 13-10. The next game was influenced by some windy conditions, but PLAY> was able to adapt to this situation fast and clearly dominated the game against Ultimate Munster. The final score against this very pleasant team from Germany was 13-6. The following match against Breizh United was quite intense from the beginning. Over nearly all phases of the game was a close run and the – at this point of time - undefeated French guys clearly wanted to win this game. In the end PLAY> won this important match 8-6, without knowing that a revenge with these people from Brittany would happen the next day. The last game of day 1 was already the first cross-pool game and PLAY> met Donkey Divers from Italy. One could clearly see that that both teams were already tired but again PLAY> dominated and beat the Milanese with their awesome shirts 12-4.

Now it was time for recreation - with some tasty local beers and a huge BBQ organized from TT staff. There was also a great entertainment with a circus show at the party tent, and even some more tasty beers.

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DAY 3:

Sunday mornings’ semi finale game against Sun was most likely the hardest for most of the team. The French guys clearly knew how to play ultimate and PLAY> had a really hard time to prevail. A score in the last minute of the game decided 10-9 – it was time for the finals!

In the competition for the victory in division 2 PLAY> faced Tercio Vieja Guardia from Spain. After the great games from 2014 everybody knew it’s gonna be a fun, spirited and intense game. It was the first time in these three days that rain played a role during the game. It made the field a bit challenging to play on. In the other hand it turned out to be a great spot for some really nice layouts. PLAY> was able to gain advantage from the beginning and won the final 14-8.

It was an awesome weekend with great games and even greater spirit. PLAY> is looking forward to next years’ TT, this time playing in division 1!


TT: PLAY> roster: BigJ, David, Delay, Dom, Jonsta, Leon, Markus, Matteo, Mo, Nemo, StevieC, Uli

Thanks to Glenn and the Freezzz Beezzz, for organizing this great event, Get Horizontal and Focus Ultimate for the Pictures and every Team, we played, for the Spirit.



DAY 2:

Game day two started with two games against folks from the islands. First, PLAY> got the chance for a revenge against an English team from last years’ semi final. This game against Blue Arse Flies turned out to be tight over a long period. In the end PLAY> won 11-8. The following match against Paddy Murphy’s Last Stand turned out to be the most challenging for PLAY> at this point. The Irish guys kept the score narrow till the very end of the game. The final score 10-9 – that meant quarterfinals for PLAY>! It was time for Breizh United to get a revenge, however they were not able to use their chance. PLAY> played a very strong game scoring 15-8 in the end.

Saturday evening started with a Belgian classic: fries and mayo for the whole team and of course tasty beer to start into the night. Some people of the team took the chance to visit Brugge’s historical city center, which was just a 20 minutes walk away. Others took a specially arranged party bus to TT’s party location. Either way, it was fun!



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