Ultimate Vienna Foxes englisch

Ultimate Vienna is glad to announce their Juniors Team: The Ultimate Vienna Foxes

After some big discussions if we should add the fox in our Ultimate Vienna logo we decided to use it as our juniors mascot.

The Story: We have been training at "Helfortplatz" for several years now and sometimes we saw a shadow in the pack of the pitch. One time the sneaky fox even managed to steal a sweater from Silke. To keep this story alive, we decided to train our juniors to be as sneaky as the fox at helfort.

We want to establish a new opportunity for juniors who want to get to know and train ultimate. The practic is open for everyone if you want more information check out here.

We are looking forward for the great expieriences we may have with the kids, so be sure to stay tuned on all our events and please like our Facebook-Page