Ultimate Vienna Awards 2017

On Saturday March 4th, the first Ultimate Vienna New Year’s Reception was held. In a cozy atmosphere 40 members of our club enjoyed delicious catering and got the chance to casually chat offside the pitch. Our President Felix Nemec and Vice President Marian Stoschitzky held a speech looking back at the successful past season for UVIE. After this recap the really dignified part of the evening started - the awards ceremony of both team and club awards for the previous year. See the list below for all categories and nominees; the winners are highlighted:


  • Rookie of the Year:
    • Julia Lischka
    • Neele Hülsmann
    • Hannah Schmahel
  • Most Motivated Mantis
    • Linda Liebig
    • Ting Ting
    • Angela Savio
  • Biggest Bibbedibabbediballs/boobs
    • Carmen Krail
    • Julia Schmeisser
    • Kathi Rieger

  • Loudest sideline voice
    • Kathi Meissl
    • Trixi Peterstorfer
    • Leena Rapottnig
    • Nele Schüttpelz

  • Most Spirited Mantis
    • Nele Schüttpelz
    • Silke Delafortrie
    • Lisa Hanghofer

  • Party Animal
    • Kathi Meissl
    • Flora Doblinger
    • Kathi Rieger


  • Rookie of the Year
    • Philipp Palle
    • Niko Rapottnik
    • Damir Joldic
  • Most Improved Player
    • Marian Stoschitzky
    • David Doppelbauer
    • Lorenz Zerlauth
  • Offensive Player of the Year
    • David Doppelbauer
    • Marian Stoschitzky
    • Sebastian Ries

  • Defensive Player of the Year
    • Lorenz Zerlauth
    • Felix Nemec

  • Most Spirited Player
    • Dominik Reutterer
    • Marian Stoschitzky
    • Jonathan Prosl

  • Party Animal
    • David Doppelbauer
    • Dominik Reutterer

Ultimate Vienna Club Awards

  • Juniors Coach of the Year:
    Dominik Reutterer
  • Distinguished Services for the Club:
    Stefan Csizmazia
  • Hall of Fame:
    Harald Nowak




Harald Nowak, Ultimate Vienna's president from 2014-2016, ist the very first member in the club's Hall of Fame

The winners of the 2017 Ultimate Vienna awards (from left to right, top to bottom): Stefan, Nele, Kathi M., Marian, Lorenz, Felix (president), Julia L, Carmen, David, Dominik

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