Star Weiz – Review Mantis

The annual indoor tournament in Weiz is famous for its themes. This year: Star Wars. We are always looking forward not only to playing but also to partying there at that time of the year. Not to be unprepared, we started early in sewing our mantis jedi cloaks and practicing our use of the force.

Our vanguard already arrived on Friday to scout and start the party. The millennium mantis followed early on Saturday morning to bring the rest of the squad. Our first pool game against the INNsisters was already a close fight and even though we had trouble communicating during the match we managed to walk away with a victory. Our next game was against the bundles of energy from Cosmo. The first minutes they took us by surprise and converted every mistake from us. Later in the game we came back a little but not enough to prevent a loss. Lädybugs were our next opponents who had no chance against our confusing offense and deadly defense. The very last pool game of the day was against Styrian Sunrise who challenged us with a strong zone. However, the force was stronger with us which led to our victory even though the score keepers decided “unknown the score shall be.”

Another highlight besides the theme is the traditional tournament dinner on Saturday night, Käsespätzle, and then immediately spending them carbs on dancing and jedi moves.

Sunday morning started with a cross game against our friends from W.adies. Again, we faced a wicked zone which forced us to quick throws and handling the disc all the way into the end zone. Our safe offense and tight defense lead the way into semifinals where we came up against the Eyecatchers. In a tight and intense game with a lot of great actions and unfortunate drops alike on both sides the team of Reys showed more nerves and kept their lead into the end. In our last game, the small final, we faced the well-known bundles of energy again: Cosmo. This time we got our heads in the game from minute one and managed not to let them take the lead. Last reserves were mobilized to bring home the victory.

We drove home happily with the 3rd place and a bronze C3PO. Congratulations to Styrian Sunrise who won in a tight universal final against Eyecatchers and also to W.adies who were the most spirited Team in Weiz. And thank you Catchup Graz for hosting this galactic fun – see you next year hopefully!


Angi, Carmie, Hannah, Haubs, Ju, Jules, Kathi M., Kathi R., Nele, Rosi, Silke


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