Ultimate Vienna Awards 2018

On Saturday March 24th, the second Ultimate Vienna New Year reception was held.
Once again, we used the opportunity to connect offside the Frisbee pitch and enjoy a nice evening together with delicious food and drinks. Our president Felix Nemec and vice president Marian Stoschitzky held a speech looking back at the most successful season Ultimate Vienna has had so far. After this recap the really dignified part of the evening started - the awards ceremony of both team and club awards for season 2017. See the list below for all categories and the winners.


  • Rookie of the Year:
      • Lena Trautmann


  • Most Motivated Mantis
      • Julia Lischka


  • Biggest Bibbedibabbediballs/boobs
      • Julia Schmeisser


  • Loudest sideline voice
      • Leena Rapottnig


  • Most Spirited Mantis
      • Nele Schüttpelz


  • Party Animal
      • Paula Haubenwallner



  • Rookie of the Year
      • Jasper Kielstein
      • Paul Dragaschnig


  • Most Improved Player
      • Adrian Ernst
      • Nikolaus Rapottnig


  • Offensive Player of the Year
      • Jan Nowak
      • Jakob Taubald


  • Defensive Player of the Year
      • Marian Stoschitzky
      • Felix Nemec


  • Most Spirited Player
      • Dominik Reutterer
      • Paul Dragaschnig


  • Party Animal
      • Florian Kain
      • Daniel Stumvoll


Ultimate Vienna Club Awards

  • Juniors Coach of the Year:
    Lorenz Zerlauth
  • Distinguished Services for the Club:
    Mag. Hans-Peter Zerlauth
  • Hall of Fame:
    Martin "Etzi" Piwonka


Martin "Etzi" Piwonka, FWD>> captain 2013/2014, was received in the club's hall of fame.

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