UVIE New Year’s Reception 2019

On January 18th, Ultimate Vienna came together at nachBar for the club’s annual New Year’s Reception and award ceremony to celebrate the achievements of the past season, which was packed with highlights like WUCC, EUCF and nationals for our teams.

The evening started with some nice conversations and cold drinks in a pleasant atmosphere, but everyone was excited for the award ceremony to start. So eventually, Nemo and Lorenz welcomed everybody and gave a brief review, outlining some of the most memorable moments of 2018 for the club and our teams, before awarding the following prizes, which all came with a pair of branded UVIE-socks, to their respective winners:


Rookie of the year: Fini Dovits

Most Motivated Mantis: Andrea Zens

Most LEF: Kathi Meissl

Most Spirited Mantis: Leena Rapottnig

Loudest Sideline Voice: Lena Trautmann

Party Award: Carmen Krail


Rookie of the year: Benjamin Kain

Offensive player of the year: Sebastian Ries

Defensive player of the year: Benjamin Kain

Most Spirited player: Dominik Reutterer

Biggest Step FWD>>: Sandro Aluede

Party Award: Florian Kain


PLAY>er of the year: Jonathan Prosl

Mr. Orga-nice: Markus Zobel

UVIE Club Awards

Distinguished Services to the club: Peter Greb

Juniors Coach of the year: Sandro Aluede

Hall of Fame: Nele Sophie Kapp


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